European DESIGN – EUROPIA 2020

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Lithuania Poland Portugal Slovenia in cooperation with Bosnia&Herzegowina (organisation: association Art&Development)

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EUROPIA 2020 – huge round panoramic picture (20 meters long, 2 meters high) – designed together during the meetings, workshops in all schools, finished in the end in Austria
Visions for our new European capital (huge panoramic picture with a virtual 360° view – inside).We will analyse European cities – what is necessary for our European capital? Which buildings do we need, how does the surrounding look, what about mobility in our city, what about different cultures.
The project`s aims are to make students familiar with the medium „design“ and acquire skills in the design of labels and design of products. Design, visual communication and digital technologies (multimedia, film animation, web design, web marketing, video, advertising graphics and paper publishing) will be practised as traditional and modern techniques in design. Designers will explain the basic skills. To develop together basic skills in art, art expression, art design, design, urban design, school design will be a challenge and a opportunity, to practise alternative and new methods in teamworking.