ART & SKILL festival 2019

The aim of this project is to encourage intercultural connections and dialogue. Although the project will be organised with the help of consisting organisations, most of the project's management will be carried out by the youths themselves. The goal is for them to have an active part in the project's organisation from the beginning. Groups of young people from different european countries between16 and 25 years old, will meet in the austrian mountain village of St.Johann im Pongau. The project will take place in an mountain chalet, with a big outdoor area, woods and a workshop that can be used for creative projects. The group is made up of individuals, with their own cultural backgrounds, experiences, talents and interests. The idea of the project is, that each individual prepares one workshop in the morning, or afternoon or evening activity for the whole group. like teaching the others what you know about building wood sculptures, modelling, illustrating or about knitting, gardening etc. The youths are encouraged to be creative, they can choose the location for their workshops (the woods, the field, the living room, the workshop..) and determine how long the class will take place and what materials will be needed.
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