21st – 29th of July


Plan Earth Art Path Kopie


The Earth Art Path project, which is to be created as part of the Art Olympics project on the grounds of the ArtChalet Vorderschuhzach in St. Johann / Austria, invites artists from 21st to 29th of July 2020 as artists in residence. Earth Art will be introduced as an Olympic discipline and several Earth Art projects of artists will be implemented on the site.

on secret paths

In addition to the sporting disciplines, musical disciplines such as poetic or musical commissions were an integral part of every olympic competition.

Over the period of three years, as part of the Erasmus + project Art Olympics on the grounds of the ArtChalet Vorderschuhzach, one of the artistic disciplines that will be further thought and developed in the project, will lead to an Earth Art path.

The Earth Art was preserved as an art form critical of society and consumption in the 1960s, as works of art in the natural space, which eluded exhibition in galleries or marketing. The reference to the landscape and the minimalist conception were essential. Often nature processes transform the materials and the works interact with the surrounding area.

Earth art should now be considered as a new Olympic discipline within the project.

The aim is to interact with the surrounding area and use it as material.

In the ancient olympic competitions, the winners received a lot of recognition, whereas the losers travelled back in their homeland by secret routes to avoid the ridicule that awaits them. The lost path, which is a secret path through impassable or remote terrain, is a hidden, little-known path. In this project it´s the hidden path through the terrain, that is connecting the works of art. And in that sense it is also not about realizing the best earth art project that stands out, but the aim is to realize projects that in relation with the environment and the other creators, correspond with the natural space and the other earth art artists, so that a productive dialogue can grew. In this sense, the projects are not only located in the landscape, but also in productive competition and in the context of a path.

logo artolympics artchalet

Art Olympics

workshop November 2020

Results & Ideas from the Austrian Project Group

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well” – Ethelbert Talbot
In November 2020 the Austrian Art Olympics Project Group exchanged ideas and thoughts about the Art Olympic Competition 2023. As Austria was in lockdown due to the Corona-Virus Pandemic at this time, the exchange happened online. There are many questions to be considered – with this résumé of our ideas we do not try to offer solutions, but to contribute to the discussion of what exactly the Art Olympics could look like.

It is worth considering which of the Olympic Sports Competition’s traditions might be interesting to include in the Art Olympics. For example, the Olympic Symbol with its five intertwined rings, that represent the five inhabited continents – should we use it as well? Or create our own? Do we create an Olympic Flag? An Olympic Motto, like the one of the Sports Olympics: “Citius – Altius – Fortius”, which translates to “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. Is there a need or a want for an Olympic Emblem, an Anthem, an Olympic Flame?

Art Disciplines – Student Evaluations

  • Architecture
  • Ceramics
  • Culinary Arts
  • Drawing
  • Filmmaking
  • Graffiti
  • Literary Arts: Poetry
  • New Media
  • Painting
  • Music
  • Photography


  Workshop „imagine cities“  30.4.2020 – 8.5.2020


Bezugnehmend auf die aktuelle Situation finden vier Arbeitaufenthalte von KünstlerInnen im ArtChalet Vorderschuhzach statt. In einer Zeit, in der nur wenig Kontakte erlaubt sind und Menschenansammlungen gemieden werden sollen, ist die Erfahrung von Stadt nur begrenzt möglich. Die KünstlerInnen begeben sich für mehrere Tage in die Isolation und setzen sich mit der Thematik des Erasmus-Projektes Europia auseinander. In Anlehnung an die erarbeiteten Konzepte entwickeln sie gemeinsam mit den ModulschülerInnen Erasmus+ und beziehen sich in ihrer künstlerischen Recherche auf die Projektideen, indem sie die Isolation und die Abwesenheit von Stadt nützen, um sich Stadt vorzustellen und imaginierte Stadtkonzepte künstlerisch weiterzudenken.

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art symposium 2020

leider abgesagt wegen Coronavirus!

art symposium 2021

21. – 29. Juli 2021

12. Kunstsymposium im Art Chalet Vorderschuhzach


aus dem Archiv:

art symposium 2019

 28th of July – 4th of August 2019

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„Art & Tales in progress“

Sommerworkshop – Holzdruck 2019

Workshop 1 : 31. Juli 2019, 11.00-17.00 Uhr

Workshop 2 : 1. August 2019, 11.00-17.00 Uhr

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„Holz schnitzen, Holz drucken, “

Ferienaktion Sankt Johann im Pongau im Art Chalet Vorderschuhzach – Juli 2019

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landart – art experiences –  Mai 2019

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Projekt „landarttheater 2018“

landsbglogo                      Projektförderung „Wahre Landschaft 2018“

im skulpturentheater_katalog

Jurybegründung Wahre Landschaft



Kunstsymposium 2018

Holzbildhauersymposium Sankt Johann seit 2010

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Auszug aus dem Archiv 2012-17:

Holzbildhauersymposium Sankt Johann seit 2010


HOLZFORMEN 2017         8. Holzbildhauersymposium
auf der Hahnbaumalm (Gestaltung des Wanderweges) und im Art Chalet Vorderschuhzach/Holzdruckwerkstatt Molnarhaus/Skulpturentheater

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